Coronavirus Testing & Tools to Help Businesses Get Back to Work

COVID-19 Testing
Coronavirus Education
Monitoring & Reporting
Customized Action Plan
Baseline COVID testing

On Site Testing

Mobile Wellness Clinic will coordinate with your team to conduct on site COVID-19 testing of all employees.

At Home Testing

Our Mobile Testing Team is a safe, quick, and convenient way to get individuals tested for the novel Coronavirus.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Keep your employees, clients, and families safe

Test your employees on an ongoing basis and prevent workplace outbreaks.

COVID 19 testing

Education your team regarding safe practices for having a clean workplace and potential outbreak risk mitigation and management to quickly identify those that need testing.

Coronavirus Education

Symptom tracker for employees and education on outbreak management to minimize infection and maintaining a safe workplace.

Monitoring & Reporting

Our Coronavirus tracker and COVID contact tracing system quickly identifies other employees, clients, and family members about potential exposure.

Customized Action Plans

Step-by-step action plans and protocols for your team when an employee is confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19.

Detection and Reveal

Timely and Efficient COVID Outbreak Prevention

Test employees on an ongoing basis to prevent workplace outbreaks.

Test your employees on a regular interval basis to mitigate any new exposures at the workplace.

If an employee has COVID-19 or exhibits symptoms, a comprehensive plan, including self isolation, social distancing, retesting, and anonymous contact tracing will be set.

Overview of employee test results on an on-going basis.

Physician managed return-to-work and sick leave notes provided for sick leave.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which tests are used to test for COVID-19?

Currently, Mobile Wellness Clinic uses a PCR based testing for the novel coronavirus. This is the most accurate test on the market to date.

Can Employers see an Employee's test result?

With release of information forms filled out by employees, there will be consent forms for employees to sign waivers for employers. This will allow employers to see test data, how often they are checking in, and when it is appropriate for them to return to work.

Is Employee data protected?

Mobile Wellness Clinic follows HIPAA protocols for compliance and regulation.

Can Employees control what data they share?

Yes. Employees can determine what information they consent to and do not consent to sharing

How does contact tracing work?

With a positive test, Mobile Wellness Clinic will contact an administrator or HR team to determine exposure criteria and which team members should be tested.


I highly recommend Mobile Wellness Clinic to any business looking to keep their employees safe and keep productivity high.

Jonathan O.
Westlake Village, CA

Reservations are easy to make and the staff is very professional.

Shannon C.
Malibu, CA

They're the best! I'll always use Mobile Wellness Clinic.

Amanda B.
Ojai, CA

I appreciated how they listened to my needs and helped set up a plan for my company.

Gary H.
Los Angeles, CA

Great Service! I've used them for my family several times already. The doctors are great, nurses and staff are stellar.

Jackie L.
Beverly Hills, CA

I was sick and tested positive when they came to my work. What I love about them, is that they checked up on my via phone calls until I got better.

Miguel H.
Northridge, CA